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Nap. Giroux Moving inc.

Triggers enthusiasm in Quebec since more than 100 years. Energetic and determined, Napoleon Giroux decides to create a business in 1900. He works in the transportation industry at 108 St. Patrick Street in Quebec city. Using a horse harnessed chariot, the contractor provides prompt and courteous service to neighborhood residents. Over the years, Napoleon Giroux’s company gets a reputation for excellence in its field of activity.

In 1927, Roland Giroux joins his father in order to meet the growing demands of the customers. Only 14 years old, he already has the skills needed to improve the family business. In 1939, Nap. Giroux moving , now located at 645, Ste-Julie St., purchases two motor trucks to improve equipment for the transportation of various products.

Second generation takes over

Ten years later, after Napoleon’s death, Roland Giroux takes over as head of the company. On top of moving and general transportation , it performs snow removal activities for the City of Quebec in the St-Sauveur district. The company now owns a blower, a Jeep and a snow rake.

In the late 1950s, Roland Giroux’s company becomes one of the first in the region to specialize in the moving business. The owner also adds two trucks to its fleet of modern vehicles and significantly increases its turnover. Following a transfer of business at 610 Godbout Street, Napoleon Giroux Moving joins the Atlas family of movers in 1966. This partnership allows it to offer its customers moving services outside of Quebec.

Third generation in

In 1967, André Giroux, son of Roland, joins the company. This child of the third generation of Giroux becomes president in 1974, while his brother Yves acts as a vice-president. Inspired by family tradition, both managers provide a professional service to their valued customers.

Due to a steady increase in its activities, Nap. Giroux Inc. takes a crucial decision in 1990. At that date, the company acquires a modern and spacious building located at 299 Joly street, near the center of Quebec City and the area’s main freeways. This strategic location allows it to respond more quickly to customer requests.

Arrival of the fourth generation

In February 2008, Yves Giroux agrees to sell his shares in the company to Andre’s three sons. Martin, Frederic and Pascal join their father and begin to assume the leadership of the company, now over a century old. In the course of 2009, Andre begins to move toward a well-deserved retirement and gradually leaves the reins of the business in the capable hands of his three sons who split management tasks according to their different abilities.

Opened on the world

Oldest family business specialized in the relocation industry in Quebec city. Nap.Giroux Inc., now has a fleet composed of 6 semi trucks, a dozen straight trucks, 6 cube trucks and a dozen trailers. The company travels the roads of Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. The partnership with Atlas Van Lines allows it to transport goods in the rest of Canada and the United States. To this must be added the service of overseas Moving performed in collaboration with various forwarders.

Active in the residential, commercial and industrial fields, Nap. Giroux Inc. offers all services related to a safe, fast and efficient move. In addition to packing and unpacking of furniture and personal effects, the company offers warehousing services in a large 22,000 square feet building.

Since more than a century, Nap. Giroux inc. meets the enthusiastic approval of families and commercial clients in the Quebec city area. Counting on its 20 experienced employees and its modern equipment, the company is ready to face the challenges of the coming years.